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Special Projects

Brandt+Fernhout, a household name in the events sector for years; the expert in stand construction and events. 
In the meantime, we have developed ourselves in a much broader sense. A selection of our delivery program; outdoor projects
events, corona-related articles, signing... in short; Brandt+Fernhout | special projects. 

Are you looking for applications to make your restaurant, office, hair salon, school or cafeteria corona proof? Brandt & Fernhout has developed ready-made solutions that can be applied quickly, after which you will immediately comply with the RIVM guidelines. An overview of these solutions can be found on www.veiligvoorcorona.nl. Below, under the heading 'Corona', are a few examples from practice.

Would you also like our creative professionals to realize your idea? Call 0418-662500 or e-mail info@benf.nl.
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