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Attention to every throughout the whole process. From design to delivery or storage. Since in relation to fair, you are confronted with so many things, and we want you not having to worry at all about your stand. After all, that is what we are there for!
  • Design: sketch, work drawing, and 3D impression
    Your stand must be appealing. During the design process, we try to present the final stand as realistically as possible. This not only means a fine design presentation, but also a work drawing with all technical details, and a 3D impression. As if you are already walking through your stand!
  • Preparation and realisation
    Thanks to your experience, we know our way at fair locations at home and abroad. We tune everything with the fair location so that you are assured that everything is correct and functions during the preparation and construction of your stand.
  • Delivery and then...
    Our attention goes out to the smallest detail so that we can deliver a stand that satisfies you from the very first moment at the fair. A thorough check takes away all your worries. Of course we also see to the demounting and possible storage of your stands.
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